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Professional Sign Language Interpretation and  Computerized Note-Taking Services

Our Strengths

  • Professional and reliable service

  • Timely response

  • Turnkey service

  • High percentage of filled requests

  • Qualified and competent team

  • Member of several professional associations

Our services



We offer the following interpretation services: Quebec Sign Language (LSQ), American Sign Language (ASL), oral and tactile.


Computerized Note-Taking 

We offer computerized note-taking services in French and in English (e.g., classroom, government services, meetings, conferences). Note-taking services are available for employee meetings, international conferences, university or college classes, etc.

Why Choose Interprétation signes et paroles?

Our professional interpreters are perfectly bilingual and immersed in both cultures.

We are here to meet your needs

Hiring a trusted professional business like Interprétation signes et paroles inc. has numerous advantages. Much like a link connecting two chains together, the interpreter is the vehicle through which true communication can happen between two cultures.

Having a business relationship with Interprétation signes et paroles inc. has important benefits. Whether you use our sign language interpretation services, our note-taking services or a combination of both, you can rest assured that we are dedicated to fully meeting your needs.

Our Expertise



Needs assessment and quote



Interpretation team assignment



Preparation material management

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We offer our services throughout a vast area, both in person and virtually.

Interprétation signes et paroles is a business created and managed by women.



Consistent, concise and clear billing


Testimonials From Our Clients

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Gabriel Drouin

It is a pleasure to work with ISEP as we are assured of quality services that allow for efficient and accessible communication. The administrative communication is always fast and efficient and we really appreciate the teamwork.
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